vendredi 13 décembre 2019

Age By Age: Confidences

Stay tuned!!!

In a very short time Emmanuel and Guy (Age) will tell you about their story behind and beyond the music.
More over than forty years of passion and friendship.

samedi 1 juin 2019

Two new albums

More music of Age with two brand new releases (yet on streaming platforms)

The hypnagogic state is a particular state of consciousness, the one that appears when we pass from the awakening to the sleep. Hypnagogie evokes this state by avoiding any overly objective structure in order to allow a drift where thoughts arise despite us, unconstructed and different at each listening. This explains the lack of rhythms, constructed instrumentation or melodic phrases.
(Guy Vachaudez)

* * * * * 
‘Shadows Behind Me’ draws the picture of my musical passion in which dissolves a whole life and its multiple chapters. From being a nomad in my own existence to a peaceful man. Each title of this album evokes in its way deep emotional and heartbreaking episodes. Those who release the energy and strength to look ahead.I do not turn the pages. I hate tat simplistic expression. I do not forget anything, I do not skip, I do not renew my life as if nothing had existed before. I am made of all my memories and loves. I am a living patchwork of my own life. I do not turn the pages, I write them.
(Emmanuel D'haeyere)

Cds at Groove NL 
Shadows Behind Me released in End December 2019
Hynagogie in January 2020

samedi 4 mai 2019

Live at Awakenings Festival April 2019

We had a great time and enjoyed a lot performing our latest album 'Lost in Silence'.
Thanks to the team!

vendredi 29 mars 2019

mercredi 11 juillet 2018

Age in concert in The Netherlands

E-LIVE 2018

Oirschot, 20th of October 2018

We played a set of 72 minutes made of new songs: from deep space music through sequencer loops to end with melodic and romantic tunes.
We used realtime sequencing and arpeggios.
Deep space from the Korg Kronos ans PA 500.
Sequencers from Roland JDXi and JDXa as well as the Roland boutiques SH-01A and JU-06.
Ambient pads from Kronos and Triton
melodies from the KingKorg
We really enjoyed to play everything live and want to thank the audience: you were great!

Many thanks to A. Stooker for these pictures!