vendredi 26 février 2016

The backstage Concert Ghent 2004

Just came back from Gent (beautiful place, next time I hope to have more time for sightseeing the cathedrals) and the Age concert.
It was held in Theatre Backstage and it is kind of an old building (used to be some sort of paper/pressing factory) and I think there were about 60 people or so (Hi Koen/brother and Eric) and it was a very nice atmosphere.
I didn't know any of Age's music so I can't comment on how they used to sound.
The theatre and stage was all very dark and black (I like that), behind the synths there was a big white screen were they sometimes projected nice images and pictures from past Age concerts.
The first half Age played with 2 people and I was later told that it was sort of a medley of older work. There was some very nice music in them...not everything was my taste but nonetheless I enjoyed it.
After a break (and a beer ) the 2nd half began and was played only by one half of Age...seems that one half has also a solo album out so he played some music from that. Much more rhythmic than the first half.
I must say that I enjoyed the first half maybe had some more weird stuff in it that I liked.
They also did an encore together which imo was the best track they did that evening.
So all in all I think a successful first start of concerts/festivals in Belgium. Me and my girlfriend had some nice Belgium beers afterwards...too bad it began to rain heavily so we went back to the hotel.

Just thought it would be nice to have an short review/update on the Age concert.